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"Welcome to my blog. I hope you like lesbians." :p

My name is Lad. I am super gay.
Part time student. Full time fangirl.
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I like girls, get over it!

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i hope that, wherever my hair ties go, they’re happy. that’s all that matters


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by bringing it here, he will be lured from the dangers of London to this place of safety …

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just another day of not being rich and famous

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  • Me: Mom, Dad... I'm gay.
  • Mom: Oh Honey!
  • Dad: Are you sure?
  • Me: I think I'm being...
  • Puts on sunglasses and looks into camera
  • Me: Crystal Queer


I’ll take you on walks in the park
Buy you ice cream
Take cute couple selfies
Hold your hand
Kiss your cheek
Bite your lip
Play with your hair
Suck on your neck
And cuddle all night